Giving Back at Reliance Heath

Giving Back at Reliance Heath

Read to learn more about what community means to us and what we’re doing to give back. 

Community Connection

At Reliance, giving back is in our DNA. Whether it’s at the corporate or the local level, supporting the causes that are nearest and dearest to us is what helps build a strong and resilient community.

United Way

Our CEO, Sean O’Brien, is a large supporter of the United Way as it’s the corporate charity that all of the branches in Canada and the US support. Sean has always made it very clear that to be good corporate citizens we must remember that giving is more important the receiving. In 2021, Reliance raised over $850,000.00 for United Way corporate-wide.

The United Way focuses on 3 key strategies: poverty, kids and community. Over 5000 communities across Canada are served by local United Ways, helping to build strong communities for a better future. 

Saskatchewan Ovarian Cancer Survivors (SOCS)

Reliance Heath has been a proud supporter of SOCS for the last six years. Our main focus is to assist in fundraising so that we can help support survivors in any way possible. This may look like providing house cleaning services or a ride to a meeting, supplying a power scooter, or even sending survivors a bouquet of flowers to brighten their day.

We are also very proud of all the help we can offer for the National Walk of Hope held every December. Let’s help save lives.

Special Olympics

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a special Olympian give his/her all to succeed at the sport of their choice. Saying that we have proudly supported the Regina Special Olympians in bowling, curling and golf. We have also had the privilege of working with the provincial body on the last winter Olympics held in Regina. 

A word from Larry Heath:

“If you are unable to donate to the Special Olympics, sign up to volunteer or go watch an event.  Trust me you’ll leave there feeling 100% better than when you arrived. Showing up for the community is pivotal in encouraging awareness and supporting visibility.”

Be Good

At Reliance Heath, we also have a small group of deserving charities that we try to support yearly. When we work together we help make a difference in the lives of those around us. 

From all of us at Reliance, 


Why Does My Water Smell Rotten?

Why Does My Water Smell Rotten?

You wake up Sunday morning ready to get the day started! As you begin your shower you can’t help but notice a pungent smell coming from your fixture. Now, you may be wondering “why does my water smell rotten?” Let’s explore a few possibilities! 

Bacteria Build Up In The Tank

One of the main culprits of that foul rotten egg smell is a build-up of hydrogen sulfide in your water heater. Hydrogen what? You may be asking. Sulphur-reducing bacteria use sulfur as an energy source and are the primary producers of large quantities of hydrogen sulfide in drinking water.

Why it happens: This bacteria lives in wells, plumbing systems, and actually thrives on you guessed it…water heaters. The chemical reaction that takes place inside your hot water heater produces this unpleasant smell. 

Corroded Anode Rod

Depending on what type of water heater you own, you’ll either have a magnesium or aluminum anode rod. This rod draws corrosive minerals towards it, rather than the lining of your tank, thus protecting your water heaters’ health and longevity. 

Why it happens: Over time that rod corrodes, and when it does it a reaction between the metals and the sulfates in the water takes place which turns it into hydrogen sulfide, also known as that foul stench. 

Your Water Heater Needs to be Replaced

The reality is that although a quick fix may resolve the smell for now…your water heater may just naturally be approaching the end of its life. After years of use, your water heater becomes much more prone to issues. Whether that’s a foul smell, a leak or trouble generating hot water. All of which is in part due to its age. A traditional tank-type residential water heater will last an average of 8 years depending on maintenance, water usage and various other factors. 

If you’re doing the math and the age of your water heater checks out, replacing the unit is likely the best option moving forward. It’ll save you the costly expenses of having a plumber come out every time an issue arises. Replacing it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that you have a new unit that’s fit to do the job for years to come.

Rent Your Water Heater Unit

If you’ve come to the conclusion that a new unit is the right decision for your home, consider renting your water heater with Reliance Heath. If you’ve never heard of or thought about renting consider this: The initial purchase and installation of your water heater will run you anywhere from $1200-$1500, not to mention the cost of service and maintenance for any issues that may arise.

Reliance Heath:

  • Rents water heaters annually
  • Provides complimentary service inspections
  • Performs routine complimentary maintenance 

This hassle-free alternative saves you time, money and many headaches in the long run. 

Rely on Reliance

So, now that you know that there could be several reasons for that foul-smelling odour coming from your faucets and fixtures, it’s time to take action. If you currently rent with Reliance Heath, call us and we’ll be out as soon as possible to provide service and rectify the matter. 

If you’re thinking about switching to renting with Reliance Heath, we’d love to discuss the many options available to you! Our team is just one quick phone call away! Say goodbye to odour-filled water for good! 

5 Ways To Reduce Your Water Heater Bill

5 Ways To Reduce Your Water Heater Bill

Say Goodbye to Steep Water Bills

As the reality of winter begins to set in it’s tempting to want to take that extra hot bath and extend your morning shower, if only for a few seconds longer before you have to go out and brave the cold. But when all is said and done, you may end up paying the price when you receive your hot water bill next month! 

Luckily, Reliance Heath has a few ideas on how you can save some extra money come next month! Check out the top 5 tips to reduce your water heater bill. 

1) Fill Up Your Dishwasher

It’s tempting to want to start that half-full dishwasher simply because you want to “get it out of the way.” However, ensuring that you fully load your dishwasher every time you run it can save you loads of money every month. 

According to Energy Star, if you are preparing at least two meals a day for a family of four, you could save more than 75% in energy and water costs by running your dishwasher instead of hand washing your dishes.
Ensure maximum dish space by loading your dishwasher in the most efficient way possible.

2) Check For Leaks

You’d be surprised just how much water gets wasted when you leave a leak running without properly fixing it. From dripping showerheads to leaking faucets, over 10,000 gallons of water is wasted in a home over the course of a year. Save money and time spent on fixing costly leaks by regularly checking your faucets. 

3) Fill the Tub Halfway

Trying to beat the winter blues by taking a few extra baths here and there? Although showers prove to be a much more efficient way of saving water, a bath is an enjoyable and relaxing way to end the day. 

The next time you go to take your bath fill the tub just over halfway to save up to 12 gallons of water per bath! Every time you fill the tub you’re looking at using roughly 70 gallons of water! Saving 12 gallons of water a few times a week can add up over time! 

4) Do Full Loads of Laundry

Stop doing those 3-4 half loads of laundry every week and save water by planning to do 1-2 full loads of laundry! Plan ahead and strategically do your loads of laundry twice per week to save over 30 gallons of water per week and reduce your water heater bill! 

  • Cold washes are also a great way to avoid using unnecessary amounts of hot water!

5) Use Energy-Efficient Products

Using Energy Star-rated products, whether it be for your dishwasher, laundry machine, etc. is an amazing and sneaky way to reduce your water bill costs in the long run. 

  • An Energy Star dishwasher typically costs $35 per year to run and can save you up to 3,870 gallons of water throughout its lifetime.
  • Energy Star rated washing machines use 6 fewer gallons of water per use compared to standard washers for a total of 1,800 gallons of water saved per year. 

Save Your Money

When it comes down to it, saving money on your monthly water bill is the main goal. By implementing one or a number of these tips, you could see a notable decrease in your overall spendings, contributing to a significant decrease over time! Get ready to reduce your water heater bill and save some dollars! 

Have questions or concerns? Our team is just one quick phone call away

Connect with us and let us take care of all your water heater needs! 

Why Choose A Bradford White Water Heater

Why Choose A Bradford White Water Heater

Why Bradford White? 

Choosing a trustworthy and reliable water heater doesn’t have to be complicated. Bradford White Water Heaters manufacture industry-leading products just south of us in the USA. Once manufactured, they provide unmatched quality and efficiency. Let’s learn more about why your next water heater should be a Bradford White. 


Bradford White products are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards, using exceptional raw materials and various components from all across the globe. These are products you can trust to provide you with all of your hot water needs, every single day of the year. With a great lineup of gas and electric water heaters, ensure that you get the best fit for your unique needs. 


Bradford White products are no stranger to energy efficiency. One of their main goals is to maximize hot water while minimizing energy usage. They’ve dedicated time and money to create products that provide the most innovative energy-saving technology for homeowners. 

They even picked up an award for the 2021 Energy Star Partner of the Year. Moreover, their products ensure reduced energy costs, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Models that are high efficiency receive an energy star certification. And if you’re wondering…yes Reliance carries some!

Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

Thinking about going with a gas water heater? Bradford White Gas Water Heaters, or more specifically their Defender Series is a safety system that ensures your family is out of harm’s way. They know that keeping your family safe is your top priority and that’s why they designed this system to prevent any flames from travelling outside the water heater. You can rest assured that your family and your home are protected. 

Bradford White Atmospheric Vent High Input

Another great feature is Bradford White ICON System. The icon system is a user-friendly circuit board. Check out the details above.

Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

So, you’ve chosen to go with an electric water heater. It makes the most sense for your home and your lifestyle. That’s great! 

We touched on just how notable is to have an energy-efficient water heater, not only for your home but for the planet too. That’s why we carry the Bradford White AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE) electric water heater. With an energy star rating, it provides high-efficiency energy and can save you up to $300 annually in energy costs! 

Bradford White AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE)

It’ll deliver a quiet operation and with the AeroTherm Series Control Panel, you can easily adjust the temperature as you wish.

Rent With Reliance

So, now that you’ve determined that you definitely want a Bradford White water heater installed in your home, it’s time to make some moves! Call the team at Reliance to schedule an appointment. A trusted technician will come out to assess your current setup and provide a recommendation for your new water heater. Once installed, your new water heater unit will start working to provide you with hot water immediately! 

Our team is just one quick phone call away! Connect with us and let us take care of all your water heater needs! 

Water Softener Regeneration

Water Softener Regeneration

Let’s Talk Water Softener Regeneration

Water Softener Regeneration…you’ve heard the term used before but you’re not exactly sure what it means. Let’s talk about water softener regeneration: what it is, how it works and why it’s important! 

Water Softener Regeneration Definitions

First, let’s break down a couple of important definitions: 

Resin beads: Resin beads are tiny little beads that hard minerals bind to. There’s thousands of them located inside of your water softener tank. 

Ion exchange: Ion exchange happens when hard water passes through the charged resin beads which then remove the hard minerals from the water, allowing soft water to then enter your home’s pipes for use! When this exchange takes place calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions that are attached to the sodium resin beads. 

Brine: A strong concentration of sodium chloride. 

The Regeneration Process

  1. Backwash: When the backwash occurs, water flows up and out through the resin and flushes out all the built up sediment and broken resin beads into the drain.
  2. Brine Draw: Brine solution sits on top of the resin bed and contains sodium chloride ions which replaces the calcium and magnesium ions on the resin beads. 
  3. Resin Bed Rinse: The resin bed is rinsed with clean water. 
  4. Rinse: Fresh water rinses the brine from the resin bed. 

Once the rinse is finished, the regeneration process is complete and the resin bed is ready to collect hard water minerals and renew the water again. 

Water Softener Regeneration Timing

So, you’re probably wondering: how long is this process going to take? This process typically takes two hours from start to finish. North Star Water Softener systems are programmed to recharge at 2am. This time is often associated with low water usage, making it an ideal time to recharge. It works while you sleep so you can wake up and use all the soft water that you need! 

The frequency of regeneration will vary depending on the size of your home and your overall water usage. Two to three times per week would be considered standard. If you’re noticing that your water softener is regenerating too frequently, you may want to try cutting back on your water usage or consider opting for a larger water softener system. 

Water and Salt Usage

Water and Salt usage will vary depending on overall water usage. However, you can generally expect this process to use:

  • Approximately 40 gallons of water to complete the process 
  • Between 2.5 and 7 pounds of salt per regeneration

Reliance is the Reliable Choice 

So, now that you understand exactly what happens during the water regeneration process, you may have some additional thoughts or questions…and that’s perfectly normal! Our service technicians would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have! 

Have concerns about your Reliance water softener system? Schedule an appointment and have one of our technicians service your system free of charge! 

Our team is just one quick phone call away! Connect with us and let us take care of all your water softener needs!