A water heater can develop issues over time, but in what situations should you call for an emergency repair? It may be daunting to call about a problem if you don’t know if it’s truly an emergency, so below is a list of problems to be aware of. 

Potential Problems

Not sure what problem signs to look out for? Here’s a list of potential problems that could occur, resulting in an emergency call if they go unserviced. 

  • The water is too hot: If you notice a change in hot water coming from your taps, to the extent where it’s much hotter than usual, there could be a problem. This may be caused by the temperature being set too high, a broken mixer, or even something more severe. 
  • The water is too cold: Cold water is typically a sign that there is a problem with your water heater, so if you notice this, it could be caused by an issue with the pilot light, temperature setting, etc. 
  • There is a leak: Be sure to occasionally take a look around your water heater to inspect for puddles of water on the ground. These puddles are caused by a leak which may be coming from your water heater; this is definitely a need for an emergency repair. 
  • The water is coloured: By coloured water, we mean does your water have a tint of brown or yellow when you turn on your taps? This is caused by sediment buildup in your hot water tank, which can cause major issues over time. 
  • The water smells funky: When your water has a tint of brown or yellow, it can be paired with an unpleasant smell – this can also happen to your water when it’s cleared! Be sure to be alert to changing smells coming from the taps when the water is flowing, as this could result in an emergency repair. 
  • Uncommon noises: If you hear a change in creaks that your home makes and something seems “irregular”, there may be an issue with your water heater. Most noises would come from near your water heater but also could be noticed in other areas of your home. Listen for popping, creaking, and high-pitched noises. 

    Emergency Repair Situations 

    Out of the listed problems to be aware of, here are the situations that should be flagged as an emergency: 

    • Leaks: When we mention leaks, we do not mean minor ones which could be serviced at another date. Leaks would be anything major such as a large puddle or a rapidly growing situation. Major leaks can cause serious damage to your home and belongings and can become a hazard for children, pets, and even yourself. 
    • Water temperature: Cold water results in a clear water heating problem, but this isn’t a major emergency. On the other hand, extremely hot water is a major issue as it can result in many injuries, such as burns – putting children and yourself in harm. 
    • Water quality: Any changes in water quality make it hard to distinguish if it’s truly an emergency. However, we recommend taking these signs as a major problem because leaving them unbothered could result in a hazard such as bacteria growth. 

    If you encounter a potential problem or emergency with your rented unit, be sure to contact us today for assistance. 

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