Bradford White Water HeatersReliance Heath Water Heater Rentals rents Bradford White water heaters – one of the most technologically advanced lines of water heaters in the world.

We rent gas and electric water heaters for both residential and commercial use. We also rent power vented water heaters in Regina, which use a blower fan to exhaust flue gas through an outside wall. Call us and we will assist you in renting the proper size heater for your needs.

Heath provides free of charge maintenance and service to our customers. We perform a 12 point inspection on each and every heater.

Why Use Bradford White?

Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals uses Bradford White water heaters because we want only the best for our customers.

The benefits of a Bradford White water heater are many:

  • Use the highest BTUs for more hot water and quicker recovery. (The first hour delivers 73 gallons).
  • Requires zero clearance for sides and back, which means the heater can be installed in tight spots.
  • Features The Hydrojet Total Performance System, which is a high efficiency, high deliverability, highly effective self cleaning system.
  • Features a proven burner design that provides many years of trouble free operation.
  • Efficient and clean combustion on all models and sizes; meets or exceeds emission regulations.
  • Features Vitraglass, the world’s best glass tank lining.
  • Re-settable thermal switch.
  • Uses brass drain tap in place of a plastic drain tap.
  • Features factory installed dielectric waterway fittings.
  • Comicor gas fired Bradford White heaters are used for both residential water and space heating.
  • Can be installed on combustible floor.

Tips and Resources

• Water in any water heater should not be set above 140 F or 78 C.

• The average family of 4 to 6 people with 2 bathrooms would typically use a 33 imp. Gallon, 151 liters Bradford White Defender series. This heater has 40,000 BTUs for quick recovery of hot water.

• If you are running out of hot water, you may need your water heater checked or it is perhaps time to upgrade to a larger or more efficient water heater to service your needs. Call Reliance Heath to learn more.

Water Temperature Adjustment (PDF)

Water Heater Leaking? (PDF)