Today, we break down how to adjust your water heater temperature. Whether it’s too hot or not hot enough, we provide some tips and tricks to ensure the perfect water temperature! 

Your Water Temperature is Too Hot 

A hot shower after a long day is such a treat! However, there’s nothing worse than scolding hot temperatures coming from every shower head and faucet in your house. If you’re experiencing ongoing exceedingly hot water, it may be an indication that your water temperature is set too high. For the health and safety of you and your family, it’s important that your water heater temperature is not set above 140 F or 78 C. The higher that your water temperature is set the less time that it takes for serious burns to occur. 

See the Time and Temperature to Produce a Scald below. 

TemperatureTime to Produce Serious Harm
120℉More than 5 minutes
125℉1 ½  to 2 minutes
130℉About 30 seconds
135℉About 10 seconds
140℉Less than 5 seconds
145℉Less than 3 seconds
150℉About 1 ½ seconds
155℉About 1 second

Decreasing Your Water Temperature 

Depending on which style of Bradford White water heater you have, your access to your water heater may vary. After unscrewing the bottom access panel, you should be able to easily remove the panel and see the thermostat. The halfway point between A and B is roughly 140 F, therefore the nob shouldn’t exceed anywhere past that point. To decrease the temperature, use a screwdriver to turn the thermostat slightly to the right. 

Increasing Your Water Temperature

Conversely, you may be finding that the temperature of your water is not hot enough. You may be experiencing low water temperatures for a sustained period of time. No one likes a freezing cold shower! This could be due to a number of contributing factors such as inefficient elements, tank size, and an increase in hot water usage. 

However, that’s not to say that’s always the case. Adjusting your water heater temperature may actually be the best solution. To increase the temperature, remove the panel to the thermostat and adjust the nob, ensuring that you do not surpass the mid-A-B point or 140 F. Over the next couple of days be cognizant of the water temperature and if it has noticeably changed. Was your last shower just the perfect temperature or was it still feeling a bit too mild for your liking? If you don’t notice a difference, there may be another issue going on. Give us a call and we’ll come down to assess the situation and provide you with some insight and recommendations moving forward. 

The Perfect Temperature 

At Reliance Heath, we trust Bradford White water heaters. When you rent a Bradford White water heater from Reliance Heath, our annual rental fee includes routine maintenance free of charge. Live with peace of mind knowing that if your water is too hot or too cold, or anything in between, you can call us and we’ll be out as soon as possible! 

Our experienced and trusted experts are just one quick phone call away! Schedule an appointment today and let us take care of all your water needs!