In case you haven’t heard, our North Star Water Softeners are on special right now and this is something you don’t want to miss. As Michael Scott would say “it’s happening, everyone stay calm. This is NOT a drill!” 


Water Softener Promo

For a limited time, when you get a water softener with us, you will receive no-charge installation and your first three months rent-free. If renting or purchasing a water softener was something you were considering, now it is your time with no commitment to purchasing the unit. This deal is rare and doesn’t come around often, so be sure to take advantage while it is here. 

Pro Tip: Re-read the last paragraph. This is a deal you should take seriously before it’s gone.


Why A Water Softener?

At Reliance Heath, we use North Star Water Softeners as they’re the best systems in our professional opinion. These water softeners have the following features:

  1. Water Meter – The turbine water meter accurately measures the amount of water being softened down to exactly 0.2 gallons per minute.


  2. Look Ahead Technology – The patented programming monitors your water usage and determines when a regeneration of the softener is needed. The system learns your water use patterns and gets more efficient as it learns by calculating the precise amount of salt and water needed to regenerate only the portion of the resin beads that have been used. This saves you salt, water, and efficiencies!


  3. Super Cap Time Keeper – In the event of a loss of power, North Star Softeners maintain accurate time for up to 72 hours without batteries. For longer power outages, only the current time needs to be re-entered.


  4. Envionseal Circuitry Protection – North Star Water Softeners are securely sealed to protect from salt corrosion and high humidity so the softener lasts longer.


  5. No Worry Setting – No vacation setting is required. If you are not using water it does not regenerate. Thus, saving salt and water.


  6. Heavy-Duty Valve – Our softeners have fewer moving parts than other softener valves, making North Star Water Softeners more reliable.


  7. High Capacity Resin – North Star Water Softeners use a special long-life resin for the most efficient use of salt and water.


  8. Resin Bed Agitator – North Star Water Softeners use water pressure to constantly agitate the resin bed. This keeps the bed free of iron, dirt, and other solids so the softener runs at peak efficiency and capacity.


  9. Saving You Money – We save you money on salt and water usage, as North Star uses half the water and salts as its competitors. The North Star Softener uses approximately 3 lbs of salt to regenerate. To compare, the competitors use approximately 10 lbs of salt. North Star uses 30 gallons of water to regenerate; the competitors use 60 gallons of water.

    This is how we save you money and provide the most environmentally friendly softener solution. 


Why Rent?

Water softeners may not be a necessity for everyone, but they can do good for you and your home thanks to their benefits. On average it can cost anywhere from $400 to $4000 for a water softener depending on the size required. Once you have the water softener, it costs an average of $400+ to have it installed in your home. When you run into any issues and need maintenance checks, those are extra expenses you have to pay for out of pocket.

At Reliance, we rent out all of our water softeners which overall is the most cost-effective solution. We rent out our units annually, we have no additional service costs and we offer free routine maintenance. 


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