Time To Replace

Although it’s often overlooked, your water heater plays a prominent role in the overall function of your home and contributes to many facets of everyday life. From your sparkling clean dishes to that much-earned soak after a long day at the office, hot water helps make it all possible. 

However, after years of use 365 days out of the year, your water heater can show visible signs of age, which then begs the question: how do you know when to replace your water heater? Today, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips that’ll help you decide if it’s time for an upgrade! 

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How Long Do They Last

Typically, a water heater will last you anywhere from 8-12 years depending on if you’ve been keeping up with proper maintenance and routine service. If you’ve neglected maintenance and service you could be looking at roughly 6-10 years of efficient use. 

2 Tell-Tale Replacement Signs 

There are a couple of indicators or tell-tale signs that indicate you may be ready for a new water heater. We’ll break them down so you know what to look out for. 

Lukewarm Water

The first and often most noticeable indicator that it may be time to replace your water heater is if your supposed hot water is constantly running warm to lukewarm. You cranked the water what seems like all the way past the H and you’re still getting the water that runs warm rather than hot. This could be happening as a result of a broken heating element in your tank or a tank that is too small for your home and your hot water needs. 

A Corroded Tank

In the case of a corroded tank, the initial sign is rusty water coming out of your faucets. Over time minerals break down a heater’s steel interior, resulting in built-up debris and rust forming within the tank. This rust is then released into the tank and as a result, travels out of your faucets leaving you with rusty unusable water. 

Old Age

Old age, it happens to the best of us…even your water heater. After years of use, your water heater naturally becomes less reliable and efficient. Thankfully, there’s a serial number on the back that can help us identify exactly what year and month your water heater was manufactured in, giving our service technicians an idea about whether it’s time for a replacement or if service is a sufficient resolution to the problem at hand.

Make Your Move

Now you might be thinking, “Well I’ve had my water heater for upwards of 12 years and haven’t experienced any issues, do I still need to have it replaced?” That’s a great question! Given that every home has different hot water needs and usage frequencies, some tanks may last longer than others! If you’re thinking you may be due for a new water heater but have some thoughts or hesitations, give us a call! We’ll come out to inspect your current unit and then provide a recommendation as to if you should go ahead with a replacement or if it’s got another year or two of life left!

Save Money In the Long Run

Whether you’ve noted some tell-tale signs that it’s time for a replacement or if you’ve just got a feeling that your unit may be reaching maturity, looking into it by reaching out Reliance Heath should be your next natural step. 

Our team is just one quick phone call away! Connect with us and let us take care of all your hot water needs!