Today, we’ll explain the most common reasons for water softener leaks and how to solve them! 

Tell-Tale Signs Your Water Softener is Leaking 

Did you walk into your garage or maintenance room to find water pooling around your water softener system? The presence of water is often the most common identifier. 

Another common identifier is a never-ending regeneration cycle. So what is it? A typical regeneration cycle’s purpose is to flush all the present minerals down the drain. This cycle typically takes a couple of hours and can use up to 100 gallons of water. If you notice that your water softener is running in regeneration for longer than three hours you may have a leak or a valve may be stuck, therefore resulting in an improperly running system. When and if this happens, turn it off and call us! 

Brine Tank Leak 

If your brine tank is the cause of your leak, you will find the water coming directly from the bottom of the tank. The brine tank houses the salt and is often a result of the excessive clearing of the salt bridge or a crack in the tank itself. If you’ve recently gotten maintenance performed on your tank by another company, there’s a fair chance that they may have cleared the salt bridge too heavily. 

Drain Line Leak 

The drain line is connected to the water softener and can become blocked or cracked over time. By identifying the specific spot in the drain where the water is originating, you will be able to tell where the crack or blockage has occurred. If you’re able to identify it, that’s great! If not, we will be able to assess the situation and provide you with these details upon our arrival and inspection. 

Bypass Valve Leak 

A bypass valve leak may be a result of worn-down O-rings. O-rings are located inside the valve and work to ensure that the valve is able to do its job without leaking. Depending on your water softener’s needs, our team can provide maintenance or replace the O-rings altogether. Thus, effectively resolving the leak and getting it back to work in tip-top shape. 

These are just a few of the most common reasons that your water softener system may be leaking! Once our team is there to help, we can provide you with further insight into the problem! 

Reliance is Reliable 

At Reliance Heath, we trust North Star Water Softeners. When you rent a North Star softener from Reliance Heath, our annual rental fee includes routine maintenance-free of charge. That means when you’ve got a leak, you can call us and we’ll be out as soon as possible to inspect the leak and provide you with the most optimal solution, whether it be maintenance or a system replacement. 

Leak No More

So, now that you’ve established that there’s a leak in your water softener, it’s time to call up the professionals! Cue Reliance Heath. We’re dedicated to ensuring that you and your family are getting the best water softener system care out there! 

Our experienced and trusted experts are just one quick phone call away! Schedule an appointment today and let us take care of the leaks!