Should I Rent Or Buy My Water Heater?

Should I Rent Or Buy My Water Heater?

The average lifespan of a water heater in Regina is about 3 to 5 years, a little more if you maintain it properly and get annual inspections. Curious about if renting or buying is the right option for you? We’ll help you figure it out!

Bradford White Water Heaters

We rent gas and electric water heaters for both residential and commercial use. Our preferred brand is Bradford White because of its high-quality product and proven efficiency. They are easy to install in tight spots with a zero-clearance requirement for sides and back – perfect for condos or if you want a little more usable space. Bradford White water heaters use efficient and clean combustion on all models and sizes, meeting or exceeding emission regulations. Finally, they use the highest BTUs for more hot water on demand and a quicker recovery so you get hot water when you want it.

Some other features of Bradford White:

      • Hydrojet Total Performance System is a high-efficiency, high-deliverability, and highly effective self-cleaning system.
      • Proven burner design that provides many years of trouble-free operation to keep costs and problems at a minimum.
      • Uses the world’s best glass tank lining – Vitraglass.
      • CombiCor gas-fired heaters are great for both residential water and space heating.

The Cost to Maintain

A water heater is crucial to keep your water hot and keep you and your family comfortable. Water heaters use several advanced technologies to keep your water hot efficiently so you can save time and money. Maintenance should be done by a professional to ensure everything is running smoothly.

If you buy a water heater, the purchase and installation will cost approximately $1,500 depending on the style and type of water heater you choose. That’s just getting it in your house. Regular maintenance, to avoid purchasing a new one before your mortgage renewal, is another added cost. You can expect at least $150 for service. But if it breaks down, you are looking at hundreds of dollars more (and potentially the additional cost of a plumber if there is a water leak) to get your water heater repaired including the cost of labour and parts.

When you rent with Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals, you pay one annual fee for your water heater and you do not pay for anything else! No installation fees, no service fees, and no repair fees. It’s all included as part of your rental. 

That means your routine maintenance is included. We do this annually to make sure your water heater is working trouble-free as much as possible. We repeat: service calls and maintenance visits are free of charge. We perform a thorough 12-point inspection of the critical parts of your water heater every year and if yours is showing signs of wear, we take care of everything including parts, repairs, and upgrades.

Rent or Buy?



Annual Rental Fee

Typically $25/month

paid annually


Purchase Cost

Not Available


Installation Fees

Not Included 




Regular Maintenance Cost



$150+ each visit

Service Calls



Hourly wage for labour. 

Extra charge for 





plus parts cost


Not owned by you

Owned by you

If hassle-free and peace of mind are what sounds good to you, renting is the best option. Avoid costly repair bills and labour costs by renting from Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals. Call us today to get started!

Signs You Need A New Water Heater

Signs You Need A New Water Heater

Replacing a water heater can be a daunting task, but that’s why we’re here to help provide you with easy and convenient service from start to finish. Why buy, when you can rent! If you’re suspicious of your water heater becoming run down, here’s a list of signs that its time for a replacement.

There’s A Leak 

If you notice a leak underneath or by your water heater it may be time to replace it. Be sure to quickly inspect where the water source is coming from to rule out any loose pipes or fittings. If you’re unsure of the leak source and severity, be sure to contact us to help assist you with further inspection and water heater replacement.

Your Water Comes Out Rusty

If the water in your home comes out rusty or metallic when you turn on your taps, your water heater might need replacing. Be sure to test this to ensure it’s not your pipes by very carefully (caution: hot water!) draining three buckets of water from the tank. If by the third bucket, the water is still rusty or metallic, it is a sign that your water heater is rotting from the inside. If you need replacing or assistance assessing the rust source, contact us right away.

Your Unit Makes A Lot of Sound 

If your water heater is not serviced regularly, it can begin collecting a buildup of sediment in the tank. Once there is a solid buildup, it can create a rumbling sound as your water heater is trying to work. This buildup can also cause leaks over time, deteriorating your water heater faster than expected. If you’re experiencing this, be sure to book a maintenance appointment with us so that we can assess the severity of the situation.

It’s 10 Years or Older 

A water heater’s lifetime is around ten years depending on how often you get it serviced and the type of care it has received. If your water heater is approaching or past its ten-year mark, we suggest exploring new options. Rather than buy, consider renting and save yourself some hassle – did we mention we offer free maintenance? 

Unsure about how old your water heater is? Be sure to check the install label’s date or check the serial number. 

Contact Us

No matter your water heater needs, Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals is here to help. Along with having the relief of renting your unit, rather than outright buying it, we provide you with free-of-charge maintenance and service. For more information, be sure to contact us today.

The Benefits of a Bradford White Water Heater

The Benefits of a Bradford White Water Heater

We offer only rent the best water heaters on the market to ensure the best user experience. Our range of Bradford White water heaters allows you to select the option that will best suit your needs whether you’re in need of a residential or commercial system.


Water Heaters

At Reliance, we offer both electric and gas Bradford White water heaters to provide you with an option that best suits your needs. Each system type runs differently from one another to provide you with hot water in your home. 

Gas water heaters work by having cold water flow into the tank, which is then heated by a gas burner. This form brings extremely hot gas into the middle of the chimney in the tank. Once the chimney is hot, the gas will then flow out and will slowly heat the water. As the hot water rises in the tank, it begins to flow through the pipes of your home. 

Electric water heaters essentially work the same as a gas water heater with the water being heated, rising to the top of the tank and then flowing through the pipes of your home. The only major difference between the two is that the water is heated using electric elements, thus the heater must be plugged into a power supply.


Why We Use Bradford White

We believe that Bradford White is the best water heater for our customers, as they’re one of the most technologically advanced lines of water heaters in the world. With Bradford White as our supplier, we’re able to offer both gas and electric water heaters for commercial and residential use. Some benefits to our water heaters are: 

  • Uses the highest British thermal unit for more hot water and quicker recovery.
  • Requires zero clearance, which means the heater can be installed in tight spots.
  • Features The Hydrojet Total Performance System, which is a high efficiency, high deliverability, and highly effective self-cleaning system.
  • Features a proven burner design that provides many years of trouble-free operation.
  • Efficient and clean combustion on all models and sizes.
  • Features Vitraglass, the world’s best glass tank lining.
  • Resettable thermal switch.
  • Uses a brass drain tap in place of a plastic drain tap.
  • CombiCor gas-fired Bradford White heaters are used for both residential water and space heating.
  • Can be installed on a combustible floor.
  • Uses the finest materials and parts from around the world to ensure the most reliable and efficient water heaters. 
  • New and improved energy efficiency and long-lasting units. 
  • Built for safe operations to help protect you and your family. 

All of the benefits truly make a difference for your home and allow you to have comfort knowing you’re using the best. We offer a range of Bradford White water heaters rentals to provide you with a selection that will best meet your needs. Whether you’re a company, a family or single, we’ve got you covered to ensure your water is always heated.

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No matter your water heater or softener needs, Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals is here to help. Along with having the relief of renting your unit, rather than outright buying it, we provide you with free-of-charge maintenance and service. For more information, be sure to contact us today and take advantage of any offers we may have.

Lower Your Water Heater Bill

Lower Your Water Heater Bill

In Hot Water

You just received last month’s water bill and well, let’s just say it was a bit of a shock! “Did I really use that much hot water?” you wonder to yourself as you reminisce on those nice warm baths and extra loads of laundry you did from all those weekends spent at the cabin. Well, maybe. Either way, the bill seems a little bit too steep to not make some minor tweaks to your water usage habits so the same thing doesn’t happen again next month. Today, we share our top tips for using less hot water and saving money on your water heater bill! 

Time It Out

Being strategic about when you’re using your hot water or not is a great way to help reduce costs. Based on the season, a lot of people will either turn down their furnaces or turn off their A/C in the evenings to save a few dollars and cut down on monthly costs. There’s no reason that the A/C has to be pumping all throughout the night. The same goes for your water heater. A water heater timer is a great option to help cut down your monthly utility costs. Set your desired times for it to turn on and off and see it pay off (literally) in the long run! 

Decreasing Your Water Temperature 

One of the easiest ways to help decrease your water heating bill is to go straight to the source. This means reducing the temperature of your water heater. Turning down the thermostat, even if it’s just a few degrees is one simple and sneaky way to cut down on overall costs. Head down to the storage room, unscrew the access panel and adjust the temperature. On most Bradford White water heaters, the standard temperature is typically set to 140 F. You’ll know that this is the case if the nob is at the halfway point between A and B. Slightly adjust the nob to the left, leaving it at around 120 F. 

Replace Your Water Heater

Your current water heater may have been kicking for the last 15-20 years…but over the last few months, you’ve noticed that it hasn’t been performing as well as it used to. It may be time to ditch your old, costly water heater and replace it with a newer more efficient option. Cue Reliance Heath! We use a durable and efficient lineup of gas and electric Bradford White water heaters.

Our annual rental fee includes: 

  • Routine maintenance, free of charge
  • Complimentary servicing

Bradford White Atmospheric Vent High Input Gas

Save Money In the Long Run

At Reliance Heath, our main priority is ensuring that all of our customers are happy, healthy and getting all of their hot water needs met..without breaking the bank! If you’ve troubleshot and tested all of our money-saving hacks and are still seeing no change in your hot water bill, replacing your water heater unit may be the next natural step. 

Our team is just one quick phone call away! Connect with us and let us take care of all your hot water needs!