Commercial Water Heater Maintenance Is Important Too

Commercial Water Heater Maintenance Is Important Too

Although we talk about the importance of maintenance to your residential water heater, commercial is just as important, so don’t forget about it! From understanding lifespan, volume, efficiency and repairs, we’ve got all the tips covered for you.

Having hot water for businesses, condos, and apartments is extremely important, as it’s required by law for safety reasons. Let the experts help you avoid potential legal issues by having your water heater run to its full potential using our checklist below.

Be Sure To Check The Lifespan 

Much like residential water heaters, commercial water heaters also have a lifespan. Although replacing a water heater can be a hassle and expensive, that’s why we offer commercial rental by taking this pressure off of you. 

Keep in mind that commercial water heaters have a lifespan of 15-20 years with proper professional maintenance. Be sure to check out our guide to know how long you’ve had your water heater, so you aren’t left guessing. If you require, be sure to contact us to help assist you with further inspection and water heater. 

    Volume Is Important Too

    From the get-go, you should consult with an expert to ensure your water heater volume will be efficient to supply the building. If a unit is too small, it will not supply enough hot water for all the buildings. Along with size, if a hot water unit is not receiving regular maintenance, it has the possibility for sediment build-up which reduces the amount of water inside. Due to this, the amount of hot water flowing through the pipes with decrease which can cause legality issues. If you need assistance with a consult or maintenance, contact us right away. 

    Efficiency Is Everything  

    Commercial water heaters can use a lot of energy, leaving your power bill high when it’s not running to its full potential. To avoid any buildups or efficiency issues, be sure to have it maintained by an expert regularly. When you rent from Reliance Heath Water Heaters, we offer free maintenance so you can save money for what really matters. Contact us today to book an appointment or to learn more.

    Don’t Forget Minor Repairs  

    Minor repairs can be a pain and something that can typically wait but putting them off for too long can cause things to get worse, which we want to help you avoid. If you ever run across a minor issue, don’t wait and contact us today to have it checked out right away to help save you money and legal issues down the road. 

    Contact Us 

    No matter your water heater needs, Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals is here to help. Whether you require maintenance, a consult, or assistance, be sure to take advantage of talking to our experts. Remember, when you rent from us, you receive free maintenance, which in turn can save you some dough in the long run. For more information, be sure to contact us today. 

    How To Keep Your Water Softener Running Smoothly

    How To Keep Your Water Softener Running Smoothly

    Water softeners help make the water in your home run smoothly while providing you with the softest clothes, skin and hair. To keep your water softener running its best, be sure to follow these maintenance tips or call the professional for a service. 

    Owning a water softener does add extra worry to your list, but provides results that are worth the maintenance. Luckily, our North Star water softeners make maintenance easy with their focus on innovation. They offer many advancements to help keep your water softener running at peak performance with little work involved. If for any reason you’re in need of help to keep your water softener running its best, contact us today! 

    Here are some tips to prolong your water softener’s life. 

    Check The Salt Level

    Be sure to check the salt level in your brine tank to ensure it is topped up. The salt should be added or topped up every two months to ensure the best results. To check or add salt, open the brine tank lid and ensure the salt is covered with water and wet. If the salt is dry or the water levels are low, it is definitely time to top it up. This will help prevent a chalky residue on your appliance and fixtures and will help to keep your skin feeling soft. 

    Pro Tip: When topping up your water softener, never add more than one bag at a time as it can become overfilled which causes salt bridges. 

    If you’re in need of water softener salt, be sure to check your local store for a quality softener such as evaporated salt pellets. Be sure to avoid salt blocks, unless otherwise instructed by a technician or manufacturer. Keep in mind that the more expensive the salt the better the product and results. 

    Clean The Brine Tank 

    Yes, unfortunately like everything else, the brine tank should be cleaned to help avoid any bacteria or mould build-up. We recommended cleaning the tank every few months when the salt levels are running low. To clean the tank, follow the steps below:


      1. Set your water softener onto bypass mode. 
      2. Unplug the water softener to avoid any injuries and disconnect the brine tank 
      3. Scoop out the remaining salt rocks. If you see sludge (hardened salt) at the bottom of the tank, gently use a broomstick to set it free. 
      4. Dump the salt into gravel. 
      5. Clean the brine tank by scrubbing it with cold water, dish soap, and a brush. 
      6. Once clean, rinse the tank with water, reattach it, fill with salt, plug it in and let the salt regenerate overnight. 

    Be Cautious Of Salt Bridges  

    A salt bridge is a layer of hardened salt between the salt rocks and the water and will cause the water softener not to function to its full potential. If you see this, try to remove it or call a professional for help. Salt bridges can be avoided by using high-quality salt rocks.  

    Contact Us 

    Taking care of all of your home’s moving pieces can be a big task, but to keep everything running properly it is important to have it serviced. Use these tips to keep it clean before calling in the professionals, but if you’re ever in need of help or have questions contact us immediately. We are here to help! If you’re looking to get a water softener, rent a North Star water softener from us today.

    Checking for Hard Water in Your Home

    Checking for Hard Water in Your Home

    Learn how to check for hard water in your home using different methods and explore the greatness that water softener has to offer. 

    Hard water is as painful as it sounds…not only is it hard on your skin, hair, and clothing, but it’s also hard on your home. Over time, hard water can result in deposits of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate and magnesium hydroxide building up inside your home’s pipes and boilers. This build-up ultimately results in slower water flow and reduced heating efficiency. 

    Before going out and getting a water softener, I’m sure you’re wondering: How bad is the hard water in my home? Is it worth adding another expense? 

    Here are three efficient and cost-friendly ways to check the hard water in your home. 

    Check The City’s Website

    First things first, be sure to check your city’s website to better understand the quality and health of the water. A new report is released each year to provide you with an update on the drinking quality, hard water number, and where the water comes from. The information in Regina’s Water Quality Report, is regulated and reported to the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency. 

    In-Home Water Test 

    After checking the water quality report, try this simple at-home water test. Take a clear, clean bottle and fill one-third of it with tap water. Then, add a few drops of pure liquid dish soap to the bottle, and shake.

    Once you have shaken the bottle, check the reaction. If your bottle is cloudy with a thin layer of bubble, you have hard water. If the bottle is still filled one-third of the way with water and had two-thirds of soap, you have soft water. 

    Testing Kit 

    If you’re looking for another testing method, give a testing kit a try! Most hard water testing kits are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. You can find one at your local store, or online and they should range in price from $12 – $24. 

    Most kits have a different number range setting, but they will always use a colour gauge. To test the strip, be sure to follow the instructions and watch for the results. When comparing your results, the lighter the colour (towards the zero scale) the softer your water, and the darker the colour (most cases are red) the harder your water is. If you fall in the red or dark red zone, we recommend considering getting a water softener to avoid further buildup and deposits in your home. 

    Need Help? 

    Once you have explored all of your testing options, it may be time to consider getting a water softener. We know how expensive it can be to buy one up front, so we provide an easy and affordable solution: renting. Reliance Heath is here to help you reduce hard water and leave you with softer clothes, skin, hair, and home. Contact us today for more information!

    How To Keep Your Water Heater Running Its Best

    How To Keep Your Water Heater Running Its Best

    If you’re experiencing a lack of hot water, inconsistent pressure, or it’s not working at all, it’s important to ensure that your water heater is inspected by professionals (like us!) on a regular basis. 

    Water heaters are such an important part of your home, why not protect your investment and make sure it’s running at peak efficiency and performing the way it should? When you rent your water heater, that’s all taken care of. It’s just like an oil change for your car – regular inspections and fluid changes help your car run its best.

    Recommended Water Heater Maintenance

    When an expert technician inspects your water heater, it extends the life of the machinery. Water heaters can last approximately 8-12 years depending on the unit and the maintenance. Annual maintenance includes an inspection of the unit and its functioning parts as well as a deep cleaning of the critical parts, as needed. 

    Each water heater has a recommended maintenance schedule. It’s easy to check yours. If you have a Bradford White Water Heater, check the model number or serial number and plug it into the Bradford White website to find the right unit. Generally speaking, recommended water heater maintenance should be completed every year.

    Have a Professional Service or Repair Your Water Heater

    DIYer at heart? While we love a good DIY, it’s best to have a professional look at your water heater if something is not right. All service and maintenance is included in your annual fee so it’s a win-win when you rent with Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals

    If you happen to tinker with your water heater without the right tools or expertise, you could make the problem worse and ultimately it could end up costing more to fix, or void your warranty, and we definitely don’t want that. 

    If you experience leakage, inconsistent hot water, or suspect the unit is not working properly, call us right away. Reliance Heath will diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs. If the unit is under warranty, all warranty claims will be made for you. We’ll handle getting any replacement parts for you and do all the work. The best part? It’s included in your annual maintenance fee! So you don’t pay anything out of pocket.

    Get Low

    Hot water heaters have an adjustable temperature gauge. By default, many water heaters are set at about 130 degrees Fahrenheit. To get the most out of your water heater, reduce the heat to about 115-120 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only will you reduce your water heater’s chances of overheating, you can save up to 5% on your energy bill! We’ll take that!

    Although there are things you can do to maintain your water heater on your own, but we’re here to help – maintenance and service are included in your annual rental. Our professional technicians will keep you in hot and soft water!

    5 Ways To Reduce Your Water Heater Bill

    5 Ways To Reduce Your Water Heater Bill

    Say Goodbye to Steep Water Bills

    As the reality of winter begins to set in it’s tempting to want to take that extra hot bath and extend your morning shower, if only for a few seconds longer before you have to go out and brave the cold. But when all is said and done, you may end up paying the price when you receive your hot water bill next month! 

    Luckily, Reliance Heath has a few ideas on how you can save some extra money come next month! Check out the top 5 tips to reduce your water heater bill. 

    1) Fill Up Your Dishwasher

    It’s tempting to want to start that half-full dishwasher simply because you want to “get it out of the way.” However, ensuring that you fully load your dishwasher every time you run it can save you loads of money every month. 

    According to Energy Star, if you are preparing at least two meals a day for a family of four, you could save more than 75% in energy and water costs by running your dishwasher instead of hand washing your dishes.
    Ensure maximum dish space by loading your dishwasher in the most efficient way possible.

    2) Check For Leaks

    You’d be surprised just how much water gets wasted when you leave a leak running without properly fixing it. From dripping showerheads to leaking faucets, over 10,000 gallons of water is wasted in a home over the course of a year. Save money and time spent on fixing costly leaks by regularly checking your faucets. 

    3) Fill the Tub Halfway

    Trying to beat the winter blues by taking a few extra baths here and there? Although showers prove to be a much more efficient way of saving water, a bath is an enjoyable and relaxing way to end the day. 

    The next time you go to take your bath fill the tub just over halfway to save up to 12 gallons of water per bath! Every time you fill the tub you’re looking at using roughly 70 gallons of water! Saving 12 gallons of water a few times a week can add up over time! 

    4) Do Full Loads of Laundry

    Stop doing those 3-4 half loads of laundry every week and save water by planning to do 1-2 full loads of laundry! Plan ahead and strategically do your loads of laundry twice per week to save over 30 gallons of water per week and reduce your water heater bill! 

    • Cold washes are also a great way to avoid using unnecessary amounts of hot water!

    5) Use Energy-Efficient Products

    Using Energy Star-rated products, whether it be for your dishwasher, laundry machine, etc. is an amazing and sneaky way to reduce your water bill costs in the long run. 

    • An Energy Star dishwasher typically costs $35 per year to run and can save you up to 3,870 gallons of water throughout its lifetime.
    • Energy Star rated washing machines use 6 fewer gallons of water per use compared to standard washers for a total of 1,800 gallons of water saved per year. 

    Save Your Money

    When it comes down to it, saving money on your monthly water bill is the main goal. By implementing one or a number of these tips, you could see a notable decrease in your overall spendings, contributing to a significant decrease over time! Get ready to reduce your water heater bill and save some dollars! 

    Have questions or concerns? Our team is just one quick phone call away

    Connect with us and let us take care of all your water heater needs! 

    Why Choose A Bradford White Water Heater

    Why Choose A Bradford White Water Heater

    Why Bradford White? 

    Choosing a trustworthy and reliable water heater doesn’t have to be complicated. Bradford White Water Heaters manufacture industry-leading products just south of us in the USA. Once manufactured, they provide unmatched quality and efficiency. Let’s learn more about why your next water heater should be a Bradford White. 


    Bradford White products are manufactured with the highest quality and safety standards, using exceptional raw materials and various components from all across the globe. These are products you can trust to provide you with all of your hot water needs, every single day of the year. With a great lineup of gas and electric water heaters, ensure that you get the best fit for your unique needs. 


    Bradford White products are no stranger to energy efficiency. One of their main goals is to maximize hot water while minimizing energy usage. They’ve dedicated time and money to create products that provide the most innovative energy-saving technology for homeowners. 

    They even picked up an award for the 2021 Energy Star Partner of the Year. Moreover, their products ensure reduced energy costs, saving you money on your monthly energy bills. Models that are high efficiency receive an energy star certification. And if you’re wondering…yes Reliance carries some!

    Bradford White Gas Water Heaters

    Thinking about going with a gas water heater? Bradford White Gas Water Heaters, or more specifically their Defender Series is a safety system that ensures your family is out of harm’s way. They know that keeping your family safe is your top priority and that’s why they designed this system to prevent any flames from travelling outside the water heater. You can rest assured that your family and your home are protected. 

    Bradford White Atmospheric Vent High Input

    Another great feature is Bradford White ICON System. The icon system is a user-friendly circuit board. Check out the details above.

    Bradford White Electric Water Heaters

    So, you’ve chosen to go with an electric water heater. It makes the most sense for your home and your lifestyle. That’s great! 

    We touched on just how notable is to have an energy-efficient water heater, not only for your home but for the planet too. That’s why we carry the Bradford White AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE) electric water heater. With an energy star rating, it provides high-efficiency energy and can save you up to $300 annually in energy costs! 

    Bradford White AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE)

    It’ll deliver a quiet operation and with the AeroTherm Series Control Panel, you can easily adjust the temperature as you wish.

    Rent With Reliance

    So, now that you’ve determined that you definitely want a Bradford White water heater installed in your home, it’s time to make some moves! Call the team at Reliance to schedule an appointment. A trusted technician will come out to assess your current setup and provide a recommendation for your new water heater. Once installed, your new water heater unit will start working to provide you with hot water immediately! 

    Our team is just one quick phone call away! Connect with us and let us take care of all your water heater needs!