Why You Need a Water Softener System

Why You Need a Water Softener System

In today’s blog post, we discuss all things soft water! Why hard water can be hard on you and your home and how a water softener system will help! 

Hard Water

It’s no secret that the water in Regina is well…a little rough around the edges. Hard water contains high levels of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which can be hard, no pun intended, on your skin, hair, and overall plumbing. 

In your everyday life this may look like:

  • The presence of dry irritated skin
  • Spots on your dishes and flatware
  • Scaling and build up on plumbing fixtures (ie: bathtub and sink faucets) 
  • Residue on your dishes after they’ve been washed

So what’s your next move? The solution to your health and your corroding pipes desires….a water softener system! 

Benefits of a Water Softener System

A water softener system helps contribute to a healthier life and makes your home appliances last longer. What’s not to love? 

There are a number of benefits to having a water softener system:

  • Healthier Skin: You won’t have to worry about that “dry skin” feeling right after you step out of the shower which means you might save some $$ on moisturizing lotion as well! 
  • Stronger Hair: Is your hair feeling dry, damaged and somewhat lifeless? Styling tools and the type of hair products you use can sometimes play a role here, but typically the number one culprit can be hard water drying out your hair and scalp. When the harsh minerals are removed from your water, the difference will be shiny healthier hair. 
  • Softer Laundy: When your clothes are constantly being washed in water containing harsh minerals, fabrics can deteriorate over time, compromising the integrity and quality of some of your most favourite pieces. Say goodbye to mineral build-up on clothing leaving them feeling rough with an “unwashed” look. 
  • Purifies Water Taste: Have you ever had a tall cold glass of metallic tasting water? Then you know just how unpleasant the experience can be! A water softener removes that overly earthy taste, leaving your tap water tasting filtered and refreshed. 
  • Gentle on Pipes & Appliances: Hard water takes a toll on your home’s pipes and appliances. Over time corrosion occurs, leaving you with ungodly looking corroding spots and scale build-up that often ends with plumbing issues, aka more money out of your pocket. Soft water doesn’t leave a scaly build-up, ensuring the integrity of your pipes for years to come. 

North Star Water Softeners

At Reliance Heath, we trust North Star Water Softeners. Their simple to set, permanent program memory systems utilize meter-controlled regeneration, saving salt and water. With a great lineup of residential softeners, we’ll recommend the softener system that best fits your unique needs! 

The best part? When you rent a North Star softener from Reliance Heath, our annual rental fee includes routine maintenance free of charge. Thus, prolonging the life of your water softener system and saving you money in the long run. 

Your Soft Water Saviour

So, now that you’ve established that a water softener system is the best solution to combat hard water and all the effects that it can have on your body and your home, it’s time to soften things up. That’s where we come in! At Reliance Heath, ensuring that you and your family are well equipped with all the soft water that you need, 365 days of the year is our top priority. 

Our experienced and trusted experts are just one quick phone call away! Schedule an appointment today and experience the life-changing benefits of soft water. 

5 Reasons To Rent A Water Heater

5 Reasons To Rent A Water Heater

Are you trying to decide whether you should rent or buy your next water heater with the intention of minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency? Today, we’ll take a look at the benefits of renting versus buying, ensuring that you make the best choice for you and your family’s lifestyle. With 5 clear benefits, your decision will be a no-brainer. 

Annual Cost

Cost is an important factor to consider when deciding to buy or rent a water heater. The average cost of purchasing and installing a new water heater can range anywhere from $1200- $1500. Ouch. This number doesn’t include service and maintenance fees which can average $100 per service. 

On the off chance that your purchased water heater leaks, you may have to call a plumber to come in and change your water heater. The moment that the plumber shows up you may be looking at a bill that could run anywhere from $100 – $400 depending on the time and severity of the issue. Mentally picturing all the dollar signs? We get it. 

At Reliance Heath, our water heaters are rented annually. When you choose to rent a water heater instead of buying one, you are agreeing to an annual fixed price, with no hidden charges or surprises. We will provide you with a recommendation that is tailored specifically to your personal needs. We are able to determine this by factoring in the size of your home and the number of occupants. Based on this information, we will install the Bradford White water heater that is best suited for your lifestyle. Our free-of-charge service includes a 12 point service inspection to ensure that your new water heater is running efficiently. Say goodbye to the daunting question: “how much is this going to cost me?”

Free Maintenance

We’ve touched on the steep maintenance fees that can rack up (often at the most inconvenient times) when you own your water heater. We understand that these unexpected problems can throw a wrench in your life and leave your wallet feeling much lighter than anticipated. When you rent a water heater through Reliance Heath, there are NO additional costs to service your water heater. We provide routine maintenance-free of charge to all of our customers, prolonging its overall efficiency and lifespan. 

Having an issue with your water heater? We’ll be out within a day to assess the problem and provide a resolution. Renting is ultimately the contingency plan that buying will never be able to provide you with.

Reliable Product Line

Although it may seem insignificant at times, hot water provides you with not only practical uses but relaxation and memories that shape the way you live your life. It’s the well-deserved bath after a long day and the teachable moments of washing the dishes with your children.

At Reliance Heath, we recognize the importance of this and that’s why we use only the best commercial and residential brand available. Our highly trained technicians trust Bradford White Water Heaters. Their large selection of gas, electric, and power vented water heaters provide our customers with: 

  • Quality: Never worry if you’re going to run out of hot water again. Bradford White water heaters are built to last. We’ve trusted their brand for years and our customers have continued to have hot water, year after year. 
  • Safety: Bradford White products are designed with the highest level of safety. Their well-designed and engineered safety valves provide you with peace of mind. 

The water heater brand and service that you choose should be able to provide you with effective and efficient hot water solutions. Bradford White and Reliance Heath will deliver just that. 

Ability to Upgrade

Are you seeing a significant increase in hot water due to additional occupants within your home or a number of other factors? No problem. When you rent, you have the ability to upgrade your water heater to the size that’s going to deliver the hot water that you require, 365 days of the year. Our team of trained technicians will assess your home and provide you with the size and type of water heater that best fits your unique needs. 

Peace of Mind 

Finally, the last and most comforting reason that you should rent a water heater is for peace of mind. If an issue ever arises, knowing that the team at Reliance Heath is just one quick phone call away can make a world of difference. We’re always here and available to answer any of your questions or concerns, free of charge. 

The Decision Is Yours 

At Reliance Heath Water Heater Rentals, we strongly believe in the quality of our products and services, and you should too. Have questions? We’d love to get in touch. Call Reliance Heath to learn more.